Biospan 1-Year Supply Septic Tank Bacteria (3lb)
Biospan 1-Year Supply Septic Tank Bacteria (3lb)

Biospan 1-Year Supply Septic Tank Bacteria (3lb)

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BioSpan Bio-Catalytic Waste Cleaner

"The Most Advanced Septic Bioremediation Formla"

Industrial grade septic tank bacteria + enzymes + growth stimulant additive formula

Uses: Septic Tank Additive, Waste Degrader, Mulch Enhancer, Farms, Sewage Lagoons, Drainfields, Septic Systems, Motor Homes, RVs, and many more

 Do you have problems with your septic system?  Odors in the yard? Frequent septic tank pumpouts or problems?  Backups?

BioSpan is a proprietary formulation of waste degrading bacteria, enzymes, and growth stimulation technology to effectively reduce waste in septic systems, helping the system to run efficiently and avoid clogs.  BioSpan also provides nutrients the bacteria needs to live in your tank, drainfield, and septic system. BioSpan is unique in that it contains high bacterial counts with over 10 strains. The combination of the strongest and most powerful industrial grade bacteria available, the powerful enzymatic formula, and the bacteria growth stimulant, BioSpan is no match to any other product on the market.

BioSpan has been used internationally for government industrial waste cleanup, degradation of solids, and more.




The combination of soap, waste, grease, and toilet paper not only clogs pipes, it also creates a sludge that is very difficult for regular septic bacteria to degrade. BioSpan’s high-count bacteria with growth stimulant, with the additional aid of enzymes, is the most powerful and effective septic tank additive available.

BioSpan contains over 10 unique bacterial strains along with industrial grade enzymes, AND  growth stimulant.  BioSpan contains no fillers making it a powerful, concentrated formula.  Just one 1 oz. scoop per week for regular maintance in one toilet.  For troubled systems, we recommend 1/2 lb. per week.

For our complete restoration package, click on the O2 Zyme Shock Treatment link above for details on how to open soil drainage. 

Other recommendations:  Silent, slowly leaking toilets will cause hydraulic overload and  also drainfield failure.  Test your toilets once per month by placing food coloring in the back of the toilet tank, WITHOUT FLUSHING, wait for 1 hr.  If you have any coloring leak into the bowl, fix toilet immediately.   

Roots are a major contributor to drainfield failure.  Install an application port AFTER your septic tank and apply septic rootkill directly in the drainfield in spring and fall.  4lbs. per 100 feet of drainfield.



BioSpan Bio-Catalytic Waste Cleaner:

-digests & liquifies organic solids   -reduces sludge and grease    -neutralizes odors    -increases percolation    - can help restore flow to the drainfield and decrease pump-outs    -reduces FOG (fats, oils and grease)   - helps break down soaps and toilet paper       -greatly decreases BOD


BioSpan Bacteria Data:

5.5+  Billion CFU per gram

over 10 unique strains