About Us


We are DRS Environmental, Inc. We are a locally owned and  family operated business established in Central Oregon in 1995. We efficiently restore septic systems with our trademarked "Drainfield Restoration" technique WITHOUT REPLACING ANYTHING! We can restore any bad septic system/drainfield without replacing the septic system or drainfield using inexpensive, safe, quick, efficient, non-invasive, state-of-the-art septic restoration and drainfield restoration techniques and machine. 

Because of our extensive experience restoring septic systems that have failed, testing and researching all of the best way to make these systems function, we discovered that there are some products that can help support your system before failure occurs and to keep them functioning in a healthier way for much longer. We spent many years researching and testing the best of the best and providing the highest quality products for your system.

We at DRS Environmental Inc. want to assure you as a potential customer, that our microbial formulas are the most biologically advanced bio-remediation products. Many competitors claim to have the "strongest" or "best" formula in the world without facts and test data to substantiate their claims. Please review our test data and statistics that prove our products to be the most effective product on the market. Our specific microbial formulas are vital in our bio-remediation process.