Biospan Septic Tank Additives

Biospan is an industrial grade septic tank additive composed of 4,500,000,000 per gram active bacteria, enzymes, and now a powerful bacteria growth stimulant. Biospan is approved for home and industrial use. Biospan is used to effectively degrade sewage and waste water in the septic tank.  Biospan’s 4.5 billion per gram bacteria microbes and enzymes function in the absence of oxygen and light, and are characterized by their rapid reproduction and voracious appetites. These microbes rapidly take control and manage the digestion process conjoining with existing microorganisms in waste-water
Biospan improves septic system, septic tank, and drain field health helping to avoid failure. Our proprietary formula was originally used by private companies for industrial waste cleanup in The United States and Canada. Our formula is also used by the Canadian government for industrial waste cleanup, oil spills, and sewage maintenance.