Industrial & Residential Use

Biospan can be been used for home use or industrial use. Biospan has been used for over 25 years in both industrial and commercial settings. Some of these areas of application include:

Ammonia Reduction
Oil Contaminates
Grease Traps
Septic Tanks

Ammonia Reduction

Biospan has been found to significantly reduce ammonia concentrations. One test conducted between 12/11/91 and 1/15/92 reduced ammonia levels from 1,575 ppm at the start of dosing to 88 ppm at the conclusion.


Oil Contaminates

Testing was conducted at a treatment facility which consisted of two 6000 gallon tanks linked in a series with one sitting approximately 8 feet lower than the other utilizing gravity flow. The oil-contaminated water (5000 gallons) was added to the first tank with a measured amount of Biospan’s formulas. The mixture was stirred for 17 days before adding an additional 2,500 gallons of contaminated water to the first tank. Testing began on April 30, 1999 and ended July 11, 1991. Oil and grease were reduced over this period from 23,000 ppm on 4/30/91 to 250 ppm on 7/11/91. This is a 98.9% reduction over the period of 2 1/2 month period.


Septic Tank, Grease Trap, and Industrial Use

Biospan provides a solution to disposal problems for commercial establishments - hotels, motels, trailer courts, restaurants, clubs, or eating places - where large quantities of grease pass through the kitchen line. Formulas keep lines and traps clear and eliminate offensive odors.

formulas have been used worldwide in both aerobic and anaerobic treatment facilities with impressive results. Our biochemical technology doubles the handling capacity of plants saving the cost of expensive physical expansion and removing the pollution resulting in BOD from wastewater discharges. Formulas have also been used in lines and lift stations.

Results include:

  • Rapid dewatering
  • Significant solids reduction
  • Substantial increase in methane production (both in quality and quantity)
  • Increase in plant capacity
  • Decrease in hydrogen sulfides
  • Ph balancing
  • E-coli and coliform reduction
  • Grease and solids reduction